Road to College Golf

RTCG welcomes high school aged young men and women who are dedicated to preparing themselves to compete in collegiate golf and experience the wonderful life benefits of being a student-athlete.

RTCG, with the leadership of Ted Gleason, provides Jr. Golfers a comprehensive and appropriate plan to navigate through the college placement process. RTCG also assists in selecting "best fit" universities for your college bound Jr. Golfer based on their golf and academic standing. Putting together an appropriate tournament schedule, formulating a quality resume, communicating effectively with college coaches, and setting up purposeful practice sessions are some of the many services provided by Coach Gleason.

RTCG provides not only guidance and mentorship in navigating the college placement process, but you will also have the benefit of having a former successful Division I college coach lead and direct your Jr. Golfer in an overall approach to their golf game prior to becoming a student-athlete at the collegiate level.

RTCG develops for each Jr. Golfer a program to maximize the experience and the effectiveness of their time with RTCG based on their individual needs and strengths.

All clients are expected to be committed to the following:

Competing in a Regional/National tournament schedule throughout the year

Consistent work with a certified swing instructor

Open to coaching and mentorship by Coach Gleason

Strength and conditioning program

Personal growth and development (proper nutrition, goal setting and mental training)

Regular access to practice facility and golf course

Preparing for a life as a student-athlete in college

Many thanks to John Brooks, President and Founder, of Red Numbers Golf for all his assistance in helping me with the development of Road To College Golf.

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